Small Teal Pointer I let people down for a living


Shes real black widow and shes out to get you.
And when she sinks her teeth in you are through.


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favorite my chemical romance photo shoot.

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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.


Hesitant Alien' Zine - Gerard Arthur Way

'I'll leave you with this -
When the choirboy sings -
lay low.
When the blood test stings - 
let go.
And when the mothership rings - 
leave home.’


Metal Saber-toothed Tiger Skull Model. The fangs were coated with brass. Made by Xuande Copperwares

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Jerkidiot’s Halloween Nostalgia Movie Giveaway!

Hey I’m doing a giveaway for October that features 9 of my absolute favorite Halloween movies! This is my first tumblr giveaway that also incorporates Instagram.

How to Enter:

  • Must be following me (and I will check)
  • Must reblog and/or like this post (a reblog and a like will each count for one entry each)
  • All entries will be put into a numbered list, where I will use a random number generator to choose the winner!
  • This post must be reblogged and/or liked by October 20th, and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Winner will receive:

  • Brand new copies of each of these movies (Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown 1 & 2, Beetlejuice, Casper Meets Wendy, Coraline, Monster House, Corpse Bride, and Gremlins) 
  • (Keep in mind that Halloweentown 1 & 2 come in one DVD pack, making the total movies nine, but the total DVDs eight)

You must be willing to give me an address to ship the movies to. If I contact you and I don’t get a reply in 2 days, I will pick another winner.

ADDITIONAL ENTRY: This contest is also through my Instagram (AnthonyAmorim) where my followers there can like the picture, and be entered into the contest. All entries (Tumblr notes and Instagram likes) will be put into ONE random generator. So if you follow me on Instagram, and like the photo, that counts as a third entry. 

The movies are brand new and are ordered from Amazon. Please note that these movies are on DVD, not Blu-Ray.

Also, if you could please check out FeaturePoints, it’s a way to make easy money by downloading free apps. It is how I can afford to give things away so frequently, and by getting free money yourself, you’re also helping me. Click this link for more info (it’s on my blog.)

Thank you and good luck!